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VincentxJuley~ A day at the Ranch
    "I've... never ridden a horse before." said Juley, peering up at the horse before her. Vincent laid his hand on her shoulder, "It's alright. The master at anything was once a beginner. Clarabelle here is gentle, and won't kick you off." Vincent had taken two horses from the stables and saddled them. He was going to teach Juley how to ride horse back, so he picked the gentlest horses he had. "Here, let me help you up," he said, kneeling down to the stirrup and cupping his hands. Reluctantly, Juley approached the horse, and with the boost from Vincent (She was relatively short at 5'6) managed to ease her way onto the saddle. "Alright, the first trick to riding horse back is to not tense up. Always sit in a relaxed position, and don't grip the horse if it slides and loses footing." To her surprise, Juley found she was doing exactly that: tensing up and gripping the horse with her legs. She relaxed, and instantly found it easier to balance. "This isn't as bad as I thought," s
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~It's... it's more powerful than it looks, okay!~ by SirMauser ~It's... it's more powerful than it looks, okay!~ :iconsirmauser:SirMauser 1 1 Glorious KV-2 is Glorious by SirMauser Glorious KV-2 is Glorious :iconsirmauser:SirMauser 2 1 Cleveland Blues (Take Two) by SirMauser Cleveland Blues (Take Two) :iconsirmauser:SirMauser 1 0 This isn't Omaha Beach, Soldier by SirMauser This isn't Omaha Beach, Soldier :iconsirmauser:SirMauser 2 0 The Rising Phoenix by SirMauser The Rising Phoenix :iconsirmauser:SirMauser 5 0 The B2 brawls yet again. by SirMauser The B2 brawls yet again. :iconsirmauser:SirMauser 1 0 Vincent Riggs by SirMauser Vincent Riggs :iconsirmauser:SirMauser 2 2 B2 Brawler by SirMauser B2 Brawler :iconsirmauser:SirMauser 1 1 The Pyro by SirMauser The Pyro :iconsirmauser:SirMauser 3 0 Leet Damage by SirMauser Leet Damage :iconsirmauser:SirMauser 1 0 Bishop unfair, plz nerf by SirMauser Bishop unfair, plz nerf :iconsirmauser:SirMauser 1 0 Panzer I C Top Gun and BiA by SirMauser Panzer I C Top Gun and BiA :iconsirmauser:SirMauser 2 4
U.S.S. Oregon Specifications
    Nelson styled Battleship U.S.S. Oregon ~BB-70~ (To be built.) 
    # of Ships planned for construction: 4
    # Completed: 0 (Construction will begin soon.)
    Determined Era: 1930's ~ 1940's
    Determined Displacement: 55-65,000 tons
    Estimated Top Speed: 28 knots
    Determined Armor Profile: 410mm Belt ~ 75mm Torpedo Bulges ~ 45mm Extremities (bow & stern) ~ 460mm Turret faces ~ 420mm Conning Tower / Armored Bridge
    Intended Main Armament: Nine 16" Mk VIII Guns (Three '3-gun' turrets)
    Planned Upgrades: Stronger Engines (175,000 hp) ~ 18" Mk X guns
    Information: Based off the British Nelson class battleships, the U.S.S. Oregon was planned to be a more heavily armored and armed alternative to the Iowa Class battleships. Initially intended to be equipped with the same 16" guns as the Iowa's, the U.S.S. Oregon's hull will be reinforced to allow the up-gunning t
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Needle Threader by SirMauser Needle Threader :iconsirmauser:SirMauser 3 1 Gray Panache by SirMauser Gray Panache :iconsirmauser:SirMauser 4 4
All my stuff is in folders now, so yeah, I'm forcing you to search. Don't be lazy. :-)

Random Favourites

Ghosts of the Sun pt.15. by realityDream Ghosts of the Sun pt.15. :iconrealitydream:realityDream 225 4 Stooges Stamp by milquest Stooges Stamp :iconmilquest:milquest 173 22 43,50 by kuren247 43,50 :iconkuren247:kuren247 48 10
FNAF OC Template
Duration of Service (Age):
Eye Color:
Fur Color:
Unique Skeletal/AI Features:
Reason for Decommission:
Brought Back into Service?:
In Line for Refurbishment?:
Starting Location:
Passive or Aggressive:
Daytime Actions:
Nighttime Actions:
-Night One:
-Night Two:
-Night Three:
-Night Four:
-Night Five:
-Bonus! Night Six:
-Bonus! Night Seven: (Describe how each AI level effects the animatronic.) 0-2: (Easy) 3-6: (Medium) 7-12: (Hard) 13-20: (Extreme)
Manner of Attack: [How they attack, if they do. Mention the route they take to get to the night guard]
Audio Cues:
Attack Screen:
Lore/Biography: [Lore means, more or less, how they fit into
:iconakitheshinigami:AkitheShinigami 618 261
COMMISSION - Dem wings (SapphireGothicLolita ) by Taibu-Kettu COMMISSION - Dem wings (SapphireGothicLolita ) :icontaibu-kettu:Taibu-Kettu 16 8 Panzer by DarkWizard83 Panzer :icondarkwizard83:DarkWizard83 155 102 Jagdtiger by DarkWizard83 Jagdtiger :icondarkwizard83:DarkWizard83 183 57 XM1 Abrams Main Battle Tank by DarkWizard83 XM1 Abrams Main Battle Tank :icondarkwizard83:DarkWizard83 187 45 m1a2 Abrams by rOEN911 m1a2 Abrams :iconroen911:rOEN911 540 37 Ask the Royal Commander- #71 by RMS-OLYMPIC Ask the Royal Commander- #71 :iconrms-olympic:RMS-OLYMPIC 2 2 We All Live in a Yellow Submarine by LadyQuintessence We All Live in a Yellow Submarine :iconladyquintessence:LadyQuintessence 310 41 Yellow Submarine Stamp by TheStampQueen Yellow Submarine Stamp :iconthestampqueen:TheStampQueen 300 11 Chica Uniform by BarnOwlKing Chica Uniform :iconbarnowlking:BarnOwlKing 387 35 Old chica by BarnOwlKing Old chica :iconbarnowlking:BarnOwlKing 406 36 The Gaijin Goombah by Herobrineing The Gaijin Goombah :iconherobrineing:Herobrineing 53 15
Titanic II: A Word For a Dying Dream
    I was inspired by the recent journal posted by Oceanlinerorca, and so thought I would also add my thoughts on this matter. I encourage you to read his posting here, it is quite good: Reason why I think Titanic II has failed
    We were promised Titanic II, a beautiful replica of the fated RMS Titanic that went down in 1912. We were promised this by Australian billionaire, Clive Palmer., millions of people around the world heard of his lavish plans to rebuild this Edwardian icon, and many hearts were thrilled by it. I will admit I was one of them. This grand new dame was to be a representative to her Edwardian namesake, and to sail the Trans-Atlantic route like all of the older vessels before her. She was stated again to have sailed by 2016. We are now in 2015. No plans have been made, of even her keel being laid, so there is a guarantee her 2016 voyeur w
:iconrms-olympic:RMS-OLYMPIC 3 43
Stuff I like.



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United States
Hallos, peoples. I'm just your average deviant who rarely does anything. I upload pictures from either ROBLOX, WoT, WoWS snd the like, but other than that... yeah. You could call me one of those people who have a lot to say, but don't know how to express it via either writing or drawing. It's not that I CAN'T draw, it's more or less the fact that I'm really not all that great at it. That, and the fact the scanner I use for drawings is literally a printer, and I don't use any digital software (GIMP, Sia, SFM, ect). Don't get me wrong, I'd love to attempt digital drawings, but I lack the funds, the inspiration, and motivation to do so. So, uh, yeah.

You'll find my interests down below, but to elaborate a little further, I like to imagine things in my own head and keep them as ideas that I've not a clue how to jot down on paper without knowing how to begin. To explain even further, I like to combine multiple universes (examples: World of Tanks/ War Thunder + Bionicle ~ Mass Effect + Team Fortress 2) and play them out in my head as I go about my daily life. I'd love to write these things down, but as I've said, I have no idea how to begin and how I can make it all make sense to someone whom isn't me.

So yeah, enjoy your stay on my page. To be frank, there ain't much.

Diggy Diggy hole by jerryl237 STAMP - SurgeXBreez OTP by Taibu-Kettu I imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfate Caramell Dansen Stamp by StampBar Stamp. by Shendificator
Yellow Submarine Stamp by TheStampQueen We All Live in a Yellow Submarine by LadyQuintessence Stooges Stamp by milquest Mythbusters stamp 4 by Ilmadur
Tori Belleci Stamp by MikkoToivonen Mythbusters stamp 7 by Ilmadur WOT Stamp by AdmiralSerenity the beatles stamp by KatataEtc Minecraft Stamp by Ventarix
STAMP - HeroNicle fan by Taibu-Kettu Minecraft Ghast stamp by Pickleplayer Sledge-o-Matic Stamp by ladyphenyx STAMP - Surge by Taibu-Kettu 'Weird' Al Yankovic Stamp by Mintaka-TK
TEEHEE Stamp by PKMN635-Hydreigon Roblox User Stamp (large) by AkariKeys World of Tanks Stamp - T-70 by WormWoodTheStar

Admit it, we all live in a Yellow Submarine.

    The 26th is the last day of school. I have one last final on Thursday, the 25th, and then I'm 100% done with work. Since the Seniors graduated, my Junior class has become the new Seniors. I'm not entirely sure how I feel about becoming a Senior, and that it will be my last year. All I know for sure is that I don't think I'm quite ready to grow up yet. I plan on going to JROTC at WCC, and then after I graduate hopefully go to college before entering the Army to become a tanker. Life just seems to go by so fast that you don't realize it until it's too late. The college I want to go to is State Tech, in Linn, Missouri. It offers Design/ Draft Technology, which highly interests me, and I also like the idea of Aviation Maintenance for kicks and giggles. If I'm lucky, I can go for delayed entry and go there first before officially enlisting. The only thing I'm apprehensive about is enlisting. I don't have a car nor license, and since I want to go into the Armored Forces, I might end up going to Ft. Benning in Georgia for BCT and then AIT on the M1A2 Abrams.

    On top of all this, my Birth Day is the 30th, and I turn 18. Yippee. Since I don't really hang out with my friends outside of school, I never have a full-blown party, which I kind of prefer to be honest. Not only do I get to vote, I also have to sign of for the Selective Service System, which I still have the card for, and need to sign eventually. I'm going into the Army anyways, so meh.

Peace, yall. (I was born in a northern state, I have no right to use southern slang.... Oh fuck it.)


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